How to reassure customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Pulse Solution, the Swiss specialist in collecting customer reviews launches the special FREE Campaign "Happy & Safe" for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry.

For their re-openings, the priority for the major players of these sectors is to ensure that their customers (will) feel safe in the heart of their establishments, locations visited thanks to the health & safety measures implemented, and to communicate about these good practices and the means implemented to protect themselves.

Pulse Solution has chosen to focus on this new challenge to support the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry, and has adapted its main tool "ANYTIME Feedback" to address it. The concept is based on a continuous collection of hot and contactless customer feedback via various digital channels (QR codes, SMS, email links, social networks, WIFI), aiming at evaluating the sanitary security measures taken.

Observations, criticisms, feedback, comments or compliments made by customers are immediately brought to the attention of the management and allow a better understanding of customer expectations and enable to target follow-up actions to reassure them. This step enables hotels, restaurants and tourist sites to quickly improve, refine and maintain good health practices.

Pulse Solution thinks of everything and also provides a free application to read QR codes and access its online survey. The company announces that the "health survey" offer "ANYTIME Feedback" is available as a free trial (collection of 1,000 FREE feedback for 90 days / offer available this July), via this link for signing-up.

Stay Happy & Safe!


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