How real-time feedback alerts can help to provide better services?

The Real-Time Alert Service System of Pulse Solution SA allows organizations to respond quickly to issues, customer dissatisfaction and provide better service.

How it works? 

Whilst most of the other systems alerts companies when a new customer review gets published on internet, the tool of Pulse Solution SA pro-actively asks customers about their service experiences on-site

You can therefore be alerted immediately if a service issue has occurred, you can react on the spot and turn an unhappy customer into a happy customers. Fix a problem before it escalates and get published on internet.

Companies can save time, money and protect their reputations.

Alerting on what matters the most!

Our intelligent reporting system sends you an instant email with the details to contact the customers and fully automated translated comments. Based on our statistics and case study, the return is an increased NPS® (Net Promoter Score) by 3 points, and Promoter Customers by 4.76%.

Pulse Solution SA has also released on an automated-weekly performance reporting, extracting the most important data and insights, for businesses to take improvement actions faster and reduce manual analytical work.

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