Hotel Real-Time Guest Feedback. Why it works?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been dramatically impacting hotels and the drop of guests irremediably led to a sharp decrease of guest comments.

Google Review has been suspended its services for more than one month (but has lately re-opened it), Guest Satisfaction Post-Stay Surveys and Programs have been suspended by major hotel big brands since April 2020, and the amount of guest feedback collected on OTA’s halted as well. 

However, one feedback channel has resisted very well and kept bringing its biggest value and source of feedback to guest experience managers, quality managers, operation managers or hotel managers.

It was not surprising to hear that whilst the major hotel chains interrupted their post stay guest satisfaction surveys, they kept running their in-house satisfaction surveys. The reason? The volume of feedback collected through such method is generally 10 times higher than post-stay surveys and give fantastic daily-quick opportunities to monitor the guest sentiment’s level, and especially to take actions immediately when issues are reported, enabling managers on-duty to follow-up before guest’s check-out. 

Why would you wait? Get to know your guest experiences, comments, complaints, suggestions, needs and expectations while they are still in the hotel, not when they leave and post their comments on Trip Advisor. Here is a chance to trigger service recovery through automated real-time surveys and follow-up process. The ultra-short survey pops-up automatically to your guest mobile phones after their check-ins in a no intrusive way, giving them the opportunity to leave you a short comment on how they feel about their guestrooms and the service delivered so far. You can get in touch with your guests to ensure they will have a great stay.

If you still do not use such solution in your hotel, we would like to give you this chance. Want to you more about it? Contact us for a 10 minutes presentation or sign up to our services, which can be tried for FREE.

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