Did you say "contactless"?

DON’T TOUCH BUT STAY IN TOUCH with ANYTIME Feedback, the “contactless” Customer Survey Solution for Restaurants and the Food and Beverage Industry.

COVID-19 highlights the importance of connected experiences and digital tools are the answer, to CONNECT with your customers, CONNECT to insights, CONNECT to increase your potential! Brands and restaurants that prioritize investment in digital experiences are better positioned to be successful on the long-term. 

Interact with customers directly through mobile feedback solution is 1 method amongst others to CONNECT. For instance, it is important to understand how customers are thinking about your food products and services and ... to determine what needs to be improved, you can deploy a Customer Feedback Survey. Do you adapt to your customer's needs and current state of mind? Keep an on-going assessment of your customer's voice to measure their satisfaction level. 

Pulse Solution is helping hotels and restaurants to implement such tool and to collect valuable feedback, through a quick QR CODE scan, survey link, SMS or a pop-up window, accessible on mobile phones, enabling Your customers to Rate Your Services and Leave short Comments. These feedback can be responded through your own smartphone and alerts can be set-up for you to take actions immediately. Every feedback from a customer is a daily opportunity to learn something new and make changes! 

Be digital, efficient in your online reputation management and make more HAPPY customers.

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