Why Real Time Feedback is a Gift?

Hotels today collect guest feedback from many different channels, including satisfaction surveys, online reviews, questionnaires, feedback in person, emails, or social medias.

The most common way to check on guest satisfaction has been so far the post-stay surveys, usually sent to the guests 24 to 48 hours after their hotel stays. Although there has been a persistent decline in response rate to surveys over recent years, this method remains effective to understand what guest disliked or liked during their stays. It makes it easier for managers to learn what needs improvements to meet their guest expectations.

However, post-stays surveys report a guest experience that happened in the past. And guests who had a negative one, also often leave negative reviews on Google or Trip Advisor. It is too late! As a best practice, hotels usually manage their online reputation by responding to feedback to recover guest loyalty.

No hotels can afford to lose guests; since it costs five times more to replace a guest than it does to retain one, it is better to be proactive and turn every existing guest into your biggest promoters. How can you do so?

Many hotels are now using an in-house short survey to check guest satisfaction, usually sent out after check-in. This is a proven way to boost guest satisfaction, post-survey scores and review ratings. This channel gives to the guests the opportunity to complaint while they are still on site. And hotels can act quickly to solve issues before the guest’s check-out.

Guest who experienced a problem during their stays and who get it fixed are more satisfied than guests who do not report a problem. This sentiment is reflected later when guests share a review online or fill a post stay survey. They give higher ratings! It also helps to prevent negative reviews on internet. Using an in-house real time survey to check guest satisfaction level has real benefits. And hotels with a solid service recovery protocol in place are the winners.

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