Why Real-Time Kiosk Feedback is getting popular?

Kiosk survey is the easiest solution and most convenient method to collect a high volume of customer feedback in the world of retail. It gives to the management the continuous opportunity of getting INSTANT real-time results.


Did you say KIOSK SURVEY?

You generally can see kiosk surveys in your favorites clothes shop, supermarket and store. They are presented on a touch screen tablet, left visible to customers or shop visitors in high traffic areas, such as store entrance or areas where customers wait in line. At their convenience and in few clicks, people can share their voices by responding to one of few questions about the store service or the product presentation.


Download the INSTANT Insight Tablet App, and register here to create quick surveys, collect customer feedback and analyze your first data.


Forgot the surveys with links and QR codes added on the receipts. It is coming to end and it is time to use the kiosk survey system! We can see 4 advantages!


1. Better response rate:

2. Real-time monitoring:

3. Flexibility and customization:

4. Actionable feedback:


1. Better response rates

This is undoubtedly the strength of the kiosk surveys on touch screens: they capture a high and consistent volume of response rate, 3 to 15 times higher compared to traditional web surveys, receipt surveys via QR code download, or paper based questionnaires.

Store customers and visitors can instantly share their sentiments toward a product or visit when they are in the store. One click is sufficient to respond to a short survey question “please rate our services today” or “would you recommend our store to your friends”.

On a day to day basis, the response rate is consistent, enabling you to compare the customer satisfaction scores of the day per store, location, team and establish goals. One more important thing to add: you do not annoy your customers with long, boring surveys, pushing them to give you their email addresses and post feedback on additional channels.


2. Real-time monitoring in a controlled space

The survey results are seen on a private web interface (www.pulse-solution.com), updated on real-time. Through the day, you can monitor the customer satisfaction level within the same environment/circumstances (it avoid response bias) and scan low ratings for a quick follow-up. When your shop close, you can immediately brief your teams on the performances of the day, and thank them for their good works.

Each tablet device can be tracked per location, adding accuracy in the scoring system. If you manage a chain, you can compare each shop performance with other locations, giving you opportunities to improve the service level and quality of your business operations. No need to wait for updates and for customers to take online surveys or write reviews online. You can ANTICIPATE by capturing in the moment customer feelings.


3. Flexibility and customization

A kiosk survey can be easily deployed in every store and adapted to each environment. Surveys can be customized and changed to the current company needs in few clicks. No need for technical support or waiting time for systems updates or changes in contracts … every aspect and settings of our tools can be changed by our clients.

You only need a WIFI connection to capture real-time data. It works also offline, so you can collect customer feedback in no WIFI areas and synchronize the data later when the connection gets available.


4. Actionable feedback

The choice of the survey questions are crucial: what kind of question will generate the best results and lead to actionable insights? Keep it short and limited to 3 survey questions maximum, easy to read and respond.

As an ultimate goal, these questions responses or scores must telling you what to do next to improve: it can be “reduce the waiting time at the shop cashiers between 2 to 4 pm on Saturdays” or “improve the product knowledge of your shop staff” or “adjust the staffing level on Wednesdays to serve more efficiently your customers”.


Are you now ready to create a culture of collecting feedback continuously you’re your customers and visitors.

Joseph Longhi is the director of customer experience for www.pulse-solution.com. He gives advices to implement in the best way our kiosk surveys across your organization.

He helped many clients to set-up the INSTANT Insight tool at conferences, in stores, hotels, restaurants, spas, fitness centers and rental car centers. He is reachable at j.longhi@pulse-solution.com.

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