How to use QR codes to collect feedback?

Collect more feedback with QR codes | How it works?

With QR codes, you have endless ways to engage with your survey takers.

The adoption rate of the QR code technology is getting huge, there are used everywhere, largely for marketing matters to deliver an enhanced customer experience by brands and businesses of all sizes. In China, QR codes are everywhere and 2020 is expected to be the year of QR codes. 

How to scan a QR code? Well, it is fun and extremely convenient. Nowadays, most of the smartphones are equipped with a QR code reader, which is built into the camera app. If you don’t have, you can download our Pulse App QR scanner for FREE.

How to use QR codes to collect feedback?

  • On posters, on tickets and get feedback right on the spot.
  • On menus, on receipts, on product packaging.
  • Add a QR code, on your presentation screens, on your PowerPoint presentations.
  • You wish to know your employee sentiments? Easy, display a poster with a QR code linking to an employee satisfaction survey near a coffee machine or pause break room.


  1. Generate and download your QR code survey through our website ANYTIME Feedback
  2. Print it and display it (posters, receipts, collaterals)
  3. Let the feedback coming….

Happy Surveying! 

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