How to increase Guest Satisfaction?

In Stay Service Recovery – A way to control your hotel guest experience while on site and Improve your online reputation!

The heart and soul of the hospitality industry is about delivering a great guest experience. However, guest’s complaints are almost a daily occurrence. Whilst some are minor concerns, some can seriously damage a hotel reputation or a brand. Just take a fresh look at the negative guest reviews posted on TripAdvisor or other online travel agent websites.

To make things even worse, some studies found that guests mostly do not report service issues as frequently as you think they will do, which makes it harder for hotels to meet and understand their expectations. While guest’s reviews can easily become out of hands, hoteliers can fortunately monitor and influence favorably the experiences guests have while they still are in the hotel.

One effective technique to check guest satisfaction levels during their stays is to deploy a short (real time) and automated feedback survey. This solid method, easy to implement enables to:  -anticipate complaints by quickly solving issues guests may be having and reporting you AND to:  -personalize more the level of service provided.

Hotel guests who have a bad experience and receive a quick and effective responses to their concerns will become more loyal and share good words, than guests who had no bad experience.  This is what we call “the Service Recovery Paradox”.

By addressing complaints on-site and ensure no guest issues is left unattended to, you prevent negative online comments and can increase your guest satisfaction score up to 2.3% within a period of 6 months and your Net Promoter Score by 3 points.  

If you can recognize the power of this untapped potential for your hotel, make sure to deploy the proper guest management strategy and survey tool ANYTIME Feedback. Pulse Solution SA, is a Swiss based company developing ultra easy Feedback Management Systems for hotels, restaurants and retails, service businesses, since 2014. 

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  • The best part is we moved from paper feedback system to this QR survey pop up survey system, which is all digital and it has great alert notifications. It saves us time and we receive live information so that we can act on feedback real time.
    • Dear Henrik,

      Thank you for sharing your positive experience about ANYTIME Feedback. We are glad to know you have been taking advantage of our solution.

      Best Regards,
      Florian, Chief Technology Officer

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