How On-Site Surveys help Hotels to increase Guest Satisfaction?

Traditional post-stay surveys enable hotels to identify the causes of service failure and follow-up actions take place after guests left the hotel. Added to that, many hotels are now using on-site satisfaction surveys to check guest satisfaction right after their arrival to the hotel. 

Detecting operational or service problems during a stay and resolve them on the spot stands for greater level of guest satisfaction. Guests who had their issues resolved during their stays are more willing to leave a higher rating and review on a post-stay survey, impacting favorably your customer satisfaction score.

Good feedback can also be used to motivate and reward your staff to provide a high level of guest satisfaction.

Better guest reviews and ratings lead to more bookings and increased hotel revenue!

Why to implement an on-site survey solution?

  • Increase connection with guests who do not complain in person
  • Prevent negative reviews on internet
  • Highlight operational issues on the spot
  • Address immediately areas of improvements
  • Strengthen your service recovery process
  • Identify problems before it becomes a negative guest experience
  • Empower your colleagues by sharing positive feedback immediately 
  • Guarantee a high service level continuously
  • Boost your review volume on different channels and optimize your ranking local searches on OTAs

A luxury hotel with 500 rooms can expect to collect 1,000 real-time feedback per month, with approximately 6% of guests reporting an issue. Our alert system let you know what guests are saying about your hotel and replying to them will ensure that your guests leave the hotel happy. 

More numbers?

  • +4.76% of Promoter Guests 
  • +3 points increase on Net Promoter Score 
  • +2.3% on Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • +150% Reviews on Google 

Checking in with guests during their stays via an automated solution is an effective way to boost guest satisfaction, survey ratings and reviews. Coupled with a smart internal escalation and service recovery process to address quickly any issues reported will give you a competitive advantage, of an inestimable value.

Learn how ANYTIME Feedback can help you to drive exceptional results and reinforce your online reputation. You can sign in for free here to try this solution. If you would like to run on-site survey in your hotel, please also feel free to contact us at


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