There is no Customer Experience, without your greatest asset, your employees!

Collecting Employee Feedback is as much as important than collecting Customer Feedback, to get the full picture of the Customer Experience. Employees are the first to deal with customers and know valuable information about them, also understand their needs and expectations. If you are fully committed to empower your employees, we will encourage you to put in place a simple strategy, based on 4 steps:

Collecting Feedback continuously from Employees by deploying a tool that makes it easy for them to share their sentiments.

Asking the right Survey Questions, to uncover the root cause of negative customer experience, service failures or lack of employee engagement.

Call to Actions, by pro-actively analyzing the results, identify the top areas for improvement and their causes, cooperate with employees to develop solutions and implement them.

Keep Employees updated about the progress, by communicating openly about the steps taken to solve issues. conduct follow-up assessment to measure the progress, show to employee that their voices are heard and make them feel valued.

Employees are the champion of your business and are your most important clients! On average, the consulting firm Aon Hewitt says that a disengaged employee costs a company $10,000 in revenue annually. Improving the employee's work experience result in a stronger customer focus and enhanced communication within the company.

To collect employee feedback, you can easily deploy the survey kiosk "INSTANT Insight" to evaluate employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Few must have questions to ask:

  • Does your boss inspire you to do your best work? - LEADERSHIP
  • How would you rate your happiness at work? - SATISFACTION
  • Do you feel valued at work? - RECOGNITION

Place a stand in different locations throughout back office areas, for your employees to give their feedback when it is convenient for them. This is a simple solution and the survey completion rate is high! 

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