Tracking service level with INSTANT Insight

The system INSTANT Insight simply allow customers to give their instant feedback on their interaction with staff and allow the management to monitor their team performance & service level!

A very easy concept

A touchscreen display a survey question "Please rate our staff today" with 5 smiley icons for customers to score their experience, ranging from very satisfied (happy smiley face) to very dissatisfied (frown face).

Based on our statistics, most businesses collected more than 90% of positive ratings and the best-in-class over 95%. Nearly 100,000 customer feedback were already collected on INSTANT Insight 

The system is the combination of 2 elements: 

THE HARDWARE: a digital touchscreen, working with 4G or WIFI, usually ~10 inches, mounted on a stand, and placed in strategic area (hotel lobby, restaurant entrance, spa entrance, fitness center's locker rooms) heavily frequented by customers, so they can give their feedback easily.  

THE SOFTWARE: a cloud solution that store the survey responses in real-time and enabling the management to consult them all at anytime through a web-analytics interface. The surveys can be created on the website, and displayed immediately after on the touchscreen. 

The system offers multiples options to customize the look and feel of the survey, and tailor the survey questions to each business category (retails, hotels, F&B, entertainment industry, transports).

The Swiss company Pulse Solution SA is reachable on or here







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