In the moment guest feedback survey for hotel restaurants!

The best time to collect feedback is while the guests are still on property. INSTANT Insight app makes it easier for guests to instantly share their feedback towards a product or a service, giving the opportunity to the hotel management to measure guest satisfaction and act on the data, thus anticipate negative scoring trends and maintain service quality on the long-term.

Hotels often be held hostage by online reviews site such as Trip Advisor, as feedback occur after the guest stay, but such real-time feedback systems help hotels to address shortfall in service performances before it hits the internet world. It is especially an effective solution for hotels restaurants, where tablet devices showing short customer satisfaction surveys with 1 or 2 question can be displayed on cashier desks or entrance halls, to measure instant satisfaction levels of the guest’s dining experience. With INSTANT Insight, food and beverage managers can continuously monitor their staff performances and service quality! 

Hotels and restaurants can benefit from collected customer data by having the right analytics and predictive tools in place. The app built by the Swiss company "Pulse Solution" is an effective product. Measuring and analyzing customer feedback data enables organizations to improve their services and deliver better experience to their guests. You can try this solution by contacting us through or our website

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