About the Smiley Face Surveys ...

Smiley face surveys are more and more popular and widely used by retail stores, restaurants, spas, airports, rental card shops, gyms or hotels... to capture customer opinions directly from their points of experience! 

There are highly effective to collect a very important volume of customer feedback, estimated to about 3 to 15 times higher compared to more traditional survey methods (online surveys, paper-based opinion surveys, QR code questionnaire). 

Customers like it because it is the fastest way for them to provide a quick feedback about their experiences. No long questions to read, no need to type any URL or complete a task via a mobile phone, no need to give personal data. The attractive and universal touch screen with smiley faces are suitable for most age groups of any nationalities. This is why the feedback engagement is so high! 

Service companies use smiley survey kiosks because of their numerous benefits:

  • It captures in-the-moment feedback 
  • It does not involve staff or manning resources, not more manual work and time-consuming
  • It shows customers that companies care about their experiences
  • It does not annoy the customers 
  • It is a good indication of how customers are feeling 
  • It prevents negative trends in service performance 
  • It alerts management almost on real-time when negative feedback are collecting, enabling service recovery
  • It facilitates data analysis and interpretation so that appropriate actions can be taken
  • It serves to reinforce employee engagement in their day-to-day work to deliver the best customer's experience
  • Service staff feel rewarded to receive positive customer feedback and get more engaged

It is a good return on investment! 

To know more about our smiley feedback kiosks, please contact info@pulse-solution.com. Any questions or your feedback are welcome!

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