Time to replace Paper-based Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Pulse-Solution provides a product for your hotel to replace paper feedback forms or traditional post visit online surveys, with your front office, reception areas, food and beverage outlets, fitness center, entrance hall or spas being the key areas to capture guest feedback data immediately.

Our very short customer satisfaction surveys displayed on interactive tablet kiosks demonstrates that you value customers by asking them direct feedback and evaluation about your services and products.

Your front of house teams get empowered to improve customer service level, feel rewarded to get positive ratings and feedback, and thus achieve exceptional performances for your hotel. You can deliver your Customer and Brand Promise with more ease. You will get real-time results, shorten your administrative works and your survey response rate will increase sharply. 

INSTANT Insight is an extremely cost effective solution, and the benefits over dinosaur paper-based surveys are very significant! 

Contact us to info@pulse-solution.com for more information. 





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