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Interested by a partnership with the Swiss company “Pulse Solution SA”?
We are currently looking for distributors/re-sellers in all countries. You will be responsible for selling our services in your area and create the buzz around our innovative software application “INSTANT Insight”.
Our aim is to have more satisfied customers & employees in every hotel,  restaurant, store, event, bank, fitness center, administration, etc. …! Our powerful solution enables to track customer and employee satisfaction on real-time via relevant key performances indicators and turn data into actionable improvement steps! We therefore develop new visions for better customer and employee experiences within businesses of various industries. You will help companies to embark on the road of profitability and revenues.
Would you like to be part of this exciting opportunity? We want to grow fast with you on a worldwide scale and need you to join us and be part of this fantastic offer.
Please do not wait and contact us for receiving our whitepaper. Feel free to ASK US anything
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The Pulse Solution Team.

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