Key Performance Indicators and Customer Satisfaction

Instant Insight is a system providing you on real-time many valuable insights about how well your business is doing in customer satisfaction.
The survey response rate of our solution is much higher compared to the other survey solutions such as the QR code surveys, online satisfaction surveys or comment cards.
We have been tracking trends in customer satisfaction over the last few months within the • the Hospitality Industry • the Food and Beverage Industry • the Event Industry • and the Retail Industry. The KPI's of all these industries can be seen on real-time via our website and we are also happy to share them with you here:
• Total Number of Feedback collected since we launched our app few months ago • 30713
• Total Number of Persons who participated to our “instant surveys” • 12419
• Overall Customer Satisfaction Score • 4.11 / 5.0
• Total Increase Customer Satisfaction • +7.03%
A customer satisfaction survey displayed on a tablet kiosk (visible by all your customers) is the easiest way to find out how satisfied are your customers and enables you to establish quickly some improvement plans. INSTANT Insight is a powerful real-time system for businesses! Per day, hundreds of customers share usually their feedback directly from kiosks with integrated tablet devices, which are installed into high-traffic entrance halls, reception areas or hotel lobby and displaying very short survey questions scrolling automatically on the tablet screens.
With a 7.03% increase in customer satisfaction score in few months only, we can be already happy with this achievement and look forward to see more progress. After all, our motto is to help hotels, restaurants, stores and events to have more and more satisfied customers and employees! 
Are you ready to run your first survey in kiosk mode?  Please feel free to ask us anything to speed up your customer satisfaction strategy.

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