What we can say about employee satisfaction!

We keep talking about customer satisfaction but today we will talk about employee satisfaction! Did you know that the application INSTANT Insight can be easily used and set-up to assess the social climate of employees in back office areas? The goal is to make sure your employees are happy and deliver good service to your customers.
A mood indicator and assessor? A monitoring system? Yes, in fact many various and renowned systems measure employee satisfaction or engagement at work. The most popular process is the annual employee satisfaction survey run in major worldwide companies but it does not really tell you how your employees feel the rest of the year. Some other companies send more regularly short employee satisfaction surveys to their staff … but we have also our own tool and process.
So what do we offer? Place one tablet stand within your back office areas and start survey your employees with one single question “How do you feel today at work?“ By using this easy process, anonymously, you can collect many feedback every day that will send a sign to the management if employees feel satisfied with their working place or not. It gives your human resources department the opportunity to address issues and make it better. Other questions can be asked too (freely accessible from our survey bank of questions); you can be more specific and break questions into categories that impact employee satisfaction (i.e. employee benefits, job recognition, work-life balance, etc…).
A quote? “Employee Satisfaction is a key driver in any business to achieve higher levels of Customer Satisfaction”. Are you also ready to measure the pulse of your employees on real-time at work by asking them “HOW IS YOUR WORKING DAY?”
We remain at your disposition if you have any questions or wish to try the application for FREE.

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